A trip across the states in a few bites?

Hello all,

Jay and I went to dinner last night at a place call HERE.  It’s a little Asian food place over by work.  We decided to try a few sushi rolls, because we love sushi.  I had the Nevada Roll, and the Arkansas Roll.  Jay had the Michigan Roll and the Tennessee Roll, and we split a West Virginia Roll.  Wow!  They were all so amazing!  You can see their menu here.  We are definitely going to go back and try a few more states 🙂

I hope to bring you all more food blogs.  I am definitely a food lover, and I love to cook, so I may share some of my more unique recipes with you all, as well.

Let me know if there is a place you would recommend, or that you want to know more about.  Jay and I love to try new places.

See you soon,

Cat 😉