How did we become Cat and Jay?

Hi all!

I don’t know if all of you know the story behind Cat and Jay.  Some of you know part of the story, and some of you know all of the story.  Let’s start at the beginning.

The first time I met Jay, I couldn’t stand him.  I thought he was whiny and weird.  He thought I was a redneck and a B*tch.  How is the world did we end up together?  It came about because of another guy…. I had a crush on Jay’s best friend.  So, I would go over and play video games, help take care of the dogs, when he was out of town, and go to car club meets, and Jay and I were kind of forced into getting to know each other.  I found out he wasn’t that weird, he was still a bit whiny.  He found out that I wasn’t a total B*tch, and that I did have a bit of redneck in me.

We grew to stand each other, and even sat around and talked.  Then his best friend, my crush, moved away.  That was a bit of a heart wrenching experience for me, I was helping someone who I liked, a lot, and considered one of my best friends, move across the country.

Jay knew I was a bit heart broken, and we starting gaming together, and playing WoW together, and in general just hanging out, occasionally.  He and I had become friends, and I would say pretty good friends.  One year we even spent Thanksgiving together, my family was gone for the holiday, and I had to work the day after, so he came over, and brought a Thanksgiving Feast with him, and we ate and gamed, it was a great.

In May of the following year, Jay won a prestigious award at work, oh yeah, we all worked together, and he had a chance to take someone with him.  He wanted his brother to go, but he couldn’t get the time off.  Our boss suggested that he take me, and I laughed.  So, I ended up going on a really fun trip with Jay, and this is where everything started to happen.

It all started with the plane.  We were flying to San Francisco for his award ceremony, and it included a stay at a great hotel, which I can’t remember…. for Saturday, Sunday, Monday night, fly back on Tuesday.  We had an 8 am flight on Saturday, he wanted to get to San Francisco early so we could maximize our site seeing.  I didn’t sleep the night before the flight, because I was nervous about the trip.  Why?  Because our room had one bed.  One.  Here I am at 4 in the morning, on my way to the airport with Jay, to spend 3 nights in a room with someone I thought of as a very good friend, only.  We stood in line, forever at the airport, we flew American there, and the flight was direct, about 4 hours or so.  I had the window seat, I prefer it that way.  He was in the aisle seat.  We hit some turbulence along the way, and he grabbed my hand.  I gave him a crazy look… why was he grabbing my hand?!  He said I looked scared and thought it would comfort me.  Yeah… right…

He made a few more “moves” on the plane, like leaning over close to me, to “look out the window”.  Yeah… right…

When we got to San Francisco, he said, “We should act like a couple while we are here, it’s safer that way.”  I looked a bit oddly at him, but I thought, why not.  So, we held hands in the cab, in the hotel, where the front desk called us “Mr. and Mrs. Chadwick”, I about died.  We dropped our bags off, and went out to view the city.  We rode the trolley to the pier, and went and saw the Sea Lions.  We had wonderful Clam Chowder, we walked all over the place.  Went back to the hotel, where I sat in the chair and took a nap.  He offered to let me lay in bed with him and nap.  I declined, respectfully.  We were back up a couple of hours later, and went to a restaurant and ate at a little French restaurant.  Wandered around, then headed back to the hotel, for bed… in the same bed… Oh brother.

Jay was a perfect gentleman, and slept on his side of the bed, on the top sheet, and I slept on my side under the top sheet.  Sunday rolled around, and I woke up with one hell of a migraine.  Jay went and bought me some Advil, and I finally got up to go site seeing.  First on the list, a boat-ride around the Bay.  He wanted to ensure that I was steady while taking pictures, and put his arms around me at the boat railing… yeah.. right…

That night we had to get ready for the tour of corporate in the morning, and the awards ceremony.  Night two in bed.. together.

He again, was a perfect gentleman.  We got up the next morning, got ready, and made an off handed compliment.  I don’t remember the wording exactly, it was after I had made a remark about not being pretty.  He said something along the lines of, “They need to open their eyes.” or something to that affect.  We did the tour, not holding hands… then to the awards ceremony, then back to the hotel, and took a nap before dinner at Bob’s Steak and Chop House.  We were still dressed up, so why not?  Dinner was wonderful, and again we were called “Mr. and Mrs. Chadwick”.  Went back to the hotel, and that’s when it happened.  He kissed me.  It was small, but still made me a bit uncomfortable, since I was going to be sleeping in the same bed.

I didn’t sleep well.  He didn’t sleep well.  We were up early to catch our flight home.  I was exhausted, and a bit grumpy.  He didn’t hold my hand on the way home on the flight.  I felt a bit relieved, and confused.  I had enjoyed acting like a couple with him, then why was I wanting to push that away?  There were a few reasons.  That’s a different story for a different time.

Time passed, we went back to work, we hung out and we smiled a bit more at each other.  All of our co-workers thought we were a couple now.  Darryl, a dear friend of ours, was pushing for it.

About a month after our trip, Jay invited me over after work for dinner and a movie at his place.  I had never seen Benchwarmers and he had a new flat screen.  I said yes, because it was Jay, one of my closest friends.  We ate, then sat down to watch the movie, and he reached for my hand.  I didn’t pull away.  He walked me to my car, and kissed me.  I didn’t pull away.  I went home and was so confused and a bit worried.  What would happen if we started dating, and then broke up?  Could we still be friends?  Could we still work together?  So many unanswered questions.Golden Gate 4

We started dating officially on June 29th of 2010.  We were married on March 30th of 2013.  Our story is a great one, and there was no need to worry.  We work together, we game together, and we are happy together.

I guess things that you thought you would never try, or think of becoming, can happen even when you think they won’t.

I hope you enjoyed our story.


Cat and Jay ❤