Checking In

My daughter’s graduation was a wonderful event.  She walked the stage beautifully in her red dress and green graduation robes.  Now on to bigger and better things for her.  Boot-camp starts for her August 7th.  That means a couple of trips for me in the months after.  One to South Carolina for boot-camp graduation and then Virginia for her AIT graduation, luckily they are several months apart.

As for me, well I am trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree, and doing a ton of homework and classes.  Hoping to win the lottery so I don’t have to pay student loans of each month, and just do it all in one lump sum!

I am trying to enjoy life as much as possible, however there have been some snags along the way this year.  I just keep praying, and praying, that God will help it all fall into place.  I know I haven’t talked much about God yet, but he is here, and helping me through the stressful times, and the troubled times, and the times when I feel like I am going to cry.  He is guiding me, I just need to figure out the path.

Well, off to class for me, I hope you all have a wonderful night.

God Bless,

Cat 😉